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Writing more responsive SWT/E4 UIs with the improved UISyncronize

UISyncronize is the recommended way for accessing the UI in E4 Application to decouple the code from the details of the underlying UI Framework.
But beyond simple use-cases some problems has arise with the existing approach

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Using Maven Artifacts in PDE / RCP and Tycho Builds

Whenever developing a plug-in for Eclipse or building a RCP application or Equinox-based product with PDE+Tycho, there will be the need to include a third-party dependency which is currently not part of your target.

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Using Directory Target Locations in Tycho

PDE supports different local locations besides the usual software site locations (aka P2 update sites)

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Läubisoft GmbH is an independent, owner-operated company for the development of individual IT and software solutions. The company was founded in 2010 from Christoph Läubrich who holds a university diploma in computer science.

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